I’m David. Bonjour 👋

This is you, right now:

You’re ready to (re) launch, do it right, and get it done.

At the same time, this is a huge step. It’s a risk. An investment. You’re nervous. But, these are good nerves – it shows that you’re on the brink of something BIG.

You’re looking for someone who just gets you. Someone who’ll take your vision and pull out the best parts from your jumbled thoughts and ideas. Someone who’ll make it bigger … and make it shine.

You’ve been dreaming of a fun, personality-packed digital design.


Introducing… Future you:

You’re the rabble-rouser entrepreneur who dared to stop talking and start taking action.

You made the decision to focus your brain power and time on what you do best. And that, my friend, is not coding and vector design.

Ever since you checked “design” off your list, you’re a confident entrepreneur ball o’ fire. You have time to get the work done that you do best. And that is the difference between a commonplace and crême-de-la-crême entrepreneur.

And me? I wine. I design.

(although not usually at the same time- unless I get a strike of inspiration after dinner or at midnight on a Saturday)

I’m a designer / developer dynamo. I not only make your website look fantastic, but also make it work flawlessly. Most people are one or the other, which means you have to hire separately for each job. But not here, oh no. I’ll take care of you.

I’m brisk as a bee. (My clients say I’m incredibly fast.)

I delight in all things bright and beautiful. And functional. I’m a sucker for function. (Total right brain/left brain mix, here.)

Most of all, I’m passionate about people who decide that good isn’t enough. I left my hometown of Brussels, stopped in Liège for arts and photography school, and then on to Brazil . So, I quit my corporate job to serve full-of-life entrepreneurs who are also following their unconventional dreams. (That’s you.)

I’d love to work together.