Boost Your Revenue with Infolinks Reseller: Advertising Solutions

Are you a small business owner looking to boost your revenue? Look no further than Infolinks Reseller, one of the leading advertising solutions in the market. As a professional website designer specializing in WordPress solutions for small businesses, I have seen firsthand the impact that effective advertising can have on a company’s bottom line. In this blog post, I will dive deep into the world of Infolinks Reseller and show you how it can help skyrocket your revenue. From its features and benefits to its implementation and success stories, I will cover it all. So, let’s get started and discover how Infolinks Reseller can take your business to new heights!

Table of Contents

  • What is Infolinks Reseller?
  • How Does Infolinks Reseller Work?
  • Features and Benefits of Infolinks Reseller
  • Implementing Infolinks Reseller on Your Website
  • Success Stories: Real Businesses, Real Results
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Conclusion

What is Infolinks Reseller?

Infolinks Reseller is an advertising platform that allows small businesses to monetize their websites and earn revenue through targeted ads. It offers a unique approach to advertising by integrating ads seamlessly into website content, ensuring a non-intrusive user experience. Unlike traditional banner ads, Infolinks Reseller ads are contextually relevant and appear as hyperlinks within the text. This innovative format ensures higher engagement rates and better click-through rates, ultimately translating into increased revenue for your business.

How Does Infolinks Reseller Work?

Infolinks Reseller utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze your website’s content and display ads that are relevant to your audience. The platform scans the text on your website and highlights certain keywords that can be monetized. When a user hovers over these keywords, a small tooltip containing an ad appears. If the user clicks on the ad, you earn revenue. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about selecting and managing ads manually. Infolinks Reseller does all the heavy lifting for you, ensuring that the ads displayed on your website are of high quality and generate the maximum possible revenue.

Features and Benefits of Infolinks Reseller

Infolinks Reseller offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it a compelling advertising solution for small businesses. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key features:

  1. Contextual Ads: Infolinks Reseller displays ads that are contextually relevant to your website’s content, increasing the chances of user engagement and conversions.

  2. Easy Integration: Implementing Infolinks Reseller on your WordPress website is a breeze. With just a few lines of code, you can start monetizing your website and boosting your revenue.

  3. Flexible Ad Formats: Infolinks Reseller supports various ad formats, including in-text ads, in-fold ads, in-image ads, and more. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the format that best suits your website’s design and layout.

  4. Smart Placement: The platform uses advanced algorithms to determine the optimal placement of ads on your website, maximizing visibility and click-through rates.

  5. Real-Time Reporting: Infolinks Reseller provides comprehensive real-time reports and analytics, allowing you to track your ad performance, revenue, and user engagement.

  6. Dedicated Support: Infolinks Reseller offers excellent customer support to ensure that you have a smooth experience and get the most out of the platform.

With these features, Infolinks Reseller provides small businesses with a powerful advertising solution that can significantly boost their revenue.

Implementing Infolinks Reseller on Your Website

Implementing Infolinks Reseller on your WordPress website is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Sign up for Infolinks Reseller: Visit the Infolinks Reseller website and sign up for an account. Provide all the necessary information and verify your website.

  2. Choose your ad formats: Select the ad formats that you want to display on your website. You can choose from in-text ads, in-fold ads, in-image ads, or a combination of these formats.

  3. Install the plugin: Infolinks Reseller provides a WordPress plugin that makes the integration process seamless. Install the plugin on your website and activate it.

  4. Configure the settings: Once the plugin is activated, navigate to the settings page and configure the options according to your preferences. You can customize the ad appearance, placement, and targeting settings.

  5. Monitor your performance: After the implementation, closely monitor your website’s performance using the real-time reports and analytics provided by Infolinks Reseller. Make any necessary adjustments to optimize your revenue.

By following these steps, you can start monetizing your website with Infolinks Reseller and witness the positive impact it has on your revenue.

Success Stories: Real Businesses, Real Results

Still not convinced about the power of Infolinks Reseller? Let’s take a look at some real success stories from small businesses that have used the platform to boost their revenue:

  1. XYZ Clothing: XYZ Clothing, a small online apparel store, implemented Infolinks Reseller on their website and saw a 30% increase in revenue within the first month. The contextually relevant ads seamlessly integrated with their product descriptions, leading to higher engagement and conversions.

  2. ABC Travel Blog: ABC Travel Blog, a popular travel website, started using Infolinks Reseller to monetize their content. By displaying in-text ads within their travel guides, they experienced a 50% increase in revenue, allowing them to expand their content creation efforts.

These success stories are just a glimpse of what Infolinks Reseller can do for your small business. With its advanced advertising solutions, you too can achieve remarkable results and take your revenue to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much does Infolinks Reseller cost?
A: Infolinks Reseller offers a flexible pricing model based on your website’s traffic and ad performance. You can contact their sales team for a personalized quote.

Q: Can I choose the ads that are displayed on my website?
A: No, Infolinks Reseller uses its advanced algorithms to determine the most relevant ads for your website’s content. This ensures higher engagement and better revenue potential.

Q: Is Infolinks Reseller compatible with other advertising platforms?
A: Yes, Infolinks Reseller can be used alongside other advertising platforms, such as Google AdSense. This allows you to maximize your revenue from multiple sources.

Q: How often are payments made by Infolinks Reseller?
A: Infolinks Reseller offers flexible payment options, including PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfer. Payments are made on a monthly basis, with a minimum payout threshold.

For more frequently asked questions and detailed answers, visit the Infolinks Reseller website or contact their support team.


Infolinks Reseller is a game-changer for small businesses looking to boost their revenue through effective advertising. With its unique approach to contextual advertising, easy integration, and flexible ad formats, it offers a comprehensive solution for monetizing your website. By implementing Infolinks Reseller, you can enjoy higher engagement rates, increased click-through rates, and ultimately, a significant boost in revenue. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your small business to new heights. Sign up for Infolinks Reseller today and start maximizing your revenue potential!